The Slip

The other day I slipped on the ice very badly. And just so you know, for my whole career at Utah State University, I have never slipped and fell, and I am very proud of that. But the other day, I parked and walked towards the shuttle, and as I turned a corner, I fell hard on my butt. A girl in front of me turned around and said, “Are you okay?”

The wind was knocked out of me. I wheezed. I finally said, “Yes.” She seemed like she didn’t know if she should come help me or not, but I stood up on my own and kept walking, very carefully. I continued to try and talk to her as we walked. “Just the first of the season,” I said, and laughed to try and alleviate the embarrassment and pain. “I’m sure it will happen again.”

She just didn’t really respond. When I got to the shuttle stop I asked a different girl if there was snow on the back of me.

“I mean, yeah,” she said, “but it’s fine.”

First of all, what does that mean? It’s fine that there’s snow on the back of me? Second of all, what kind of an answer is that? I don’t know. It just felt weird to me. It’s not fine. It’s wet and gross and dirty. Help me.

I haven’t slipped since. Only, today my foot surged forward on some slush so I almost lost my balance, but caught myself. A boy walked swiftly by me and said, “Be careful.”

Thanks, man. I’ll keep that in mind.

Anyway, what YOU should keep in mind is HELICON WEST TOMORROW! We would love to see you all, and if you’ve slipped and fallen on the way in, we will surround you with love.



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