It’s Been a While

We all know it’s snowing like crazy. Luckily, at this moment, the snow is wet and thus, not sticking. But here’s the problem, since there is always a problem:

My car is in the shop. The car we have left over is a Dodge Charger with a weak engine, and it is terrible in the snow.

This morning, my husband woke me up so I could drive him to work. I was very disoriented and threw on a pink, fluffy robe and sweats. I pin back my bangs with bobby pins at night, so the pins were sticking out at all sorts of angles that I didn’t care about. My glasses fogged up in the freezing air. Husband was slightly afraid to talk to me.

Have I mentioned my weird landlord? Yeah, he doesn’t pay for snow removal. So we tread carefully on the way out of my complex, make the turn, and another car is heading right for us. I swerved into a snow bank to let them pass. When I tried to drive forward, we were stuck.

My husband got out of the car to push and after several minutes he stood straight, defeated. Just then, a girl in a teal coat came with a shovel and asked if she could help dig us out. She did so, and we left in peace. Except I was still groggy.

“Was she an angel?” I asked my husband.

To this day (the same day) I still do not know.

Anyway, hopefully the snow won’t stop you from coming to Helicon West tomorrow! As usual, it will take place in the Bridger Room of the Logan City Library and 7pm. Good luck!



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