Mornings, and more to come

This morning I stepped out of my house in a hoodie and jeans, knowing it would be appropriate wear for most of the day, but shivers and visible exhales followed my walk to the bus station. It’s hard to stay positive when the rapidly cooling coffee in my hand is the only thing keeping me awake and warm. The world is in that odd in-between stage, where early mornings are too cold and early afternoons too warm to feel like autumn, where the sun is bright and harsh and doesn’t seem to warm the horizon. Winter is on its way, and with it, the darkness of the season. Open your windows, Helicon. Let in the light. Keep your head up; even behind the winter clouds, the sun is still there.

Let in not just the light, but POETRY! Helicon West is this week (tomorrow) on October 26, with Charles Waugh and Jonathan Travelstead as well as an open mic portion. Come have a 7PM coffee with us in the library as the night goes cold.

October 26th



I finally pulled my winter jacket out of the closet, the dark canvas one with thick padded lining that really keeps the wind out of my body. I’ve been wearing long jeans and sweatpants for days. I’ve fought the urge to go into Caffe Ibis every single day this week.

Helicon, our city is officially cold. Finally.

This week is the September Logan Poet Laureate Poetry Walkabout! We will be writing about construction, manual labor, and overall, work. Come join Star this Thursday at 5:20 at the Logan High School!


I also have the full details for Helicon this fall! Here are the dates and events coming up:

Sept. 28 Matthew Cooperman & Aby Kaupang
Oct. 12 Jennifer Sinor & Rick Robbins
Oct. 26 Charles Waugh & Jonathan Travelstead
Nov. 9 All Open Mic
Dec. 7 All Open Mic

That means next week is Matthew Cooperman and Aby Kaupang!

Sept 28 Helicon.png

We’ll see you at Logan High School’s construction site this Thursday, and next week at the Logan Library for Helicon!

Welcome back!

The winds of change are in the air; walking home, I heard the crunch of dried leaves under my feet, and a hot drink finally sounded like a good idea. The air hasn’t started to cool off yet, but winter is coming.

(I’m so ready for a pumpkin spice latte.)

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to go to Minneapolis – somewhere I have never been. Coming home from the trip, I started to ask myself what I really like about living in Logan. I’ve lived in three cities in Utah, and Logan is without question my favorite. More people, more trees, more transportation – it’s simply more compatible with my life for now.

I love the people here. Because USU pulls in students from all over this country and others, Logan is a pretty diverse place, as far as Utah goes. Especially when tutoring in the Writing Center, I’ve met so many interesting people and learned more about different cultures and ideals. Through my time at the university, I’ve made a lot of close friends and had the opportunity to work with great people like Star. I never would’ve expected to call the poet laureate of a city my boss, let alone a friend.

I love the businesses here, and I love that I can get to them. I’m lucky enough to live close to Caffe Ibis – without question the best coffee shop of which I’ve been a patron – and Whysound, both of which host local music groups frequently. The library is close by, and I can always get to Helicon. I love walking home from an evening of poetry, coffee in hand, and seeing the sun setting over the western hills. As the seasons change and USU’s semester comes into full swing, the sun will set sooner and Helicon will be more frequent (and probably longer!)

Helicon West this semester will take place on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7 P.M. in the Logan Library’s Bridger room. Here are those dates:

Sept. 14
Sept. 28
Oct. 12
Oct. 26
Nov. 9
Dec. 7

I’ll update you all when I know the program for next time. See you on the 14th, Helicon!


I love forceful wind in the spring. It brings a chill and a pressure, and I frequently perceive a change in the way gravity pulls at my body – like the wind is holding me up, and it could drop me or toss me across the world without a moment’s notice. There’s a strange thrill in that perceived loss of power.

Forceful wind in the summer, on the other hand, is a punch in the face of dry heat and dirt from the construction zone across the street.

Come inside and escape the frequent windstorms at the first Helicon West of the summer! Tonight (May 25th) at 7 PM we will gather in the Logan Library for an all-open mic poetry night. Don’t forget – it’s in the Bonneville Room through the summer. When you enter the library and get into the hall, it’s the first door on the left. The only door on the left, actually. It’s on the left. We’ll have Caffe Ibis coffee!


Also: Hello! Sorry for the late notice. Bear with me while I figure out this whole blogging thing.

Strange Glasses

Can I tell you about something that’s kind of dumb for a second? Yes? Okay, cool.

So I ordered these glasses a while ago, and I was super excited to get them. When I showed my mom a picture she said, “They look like Harry Potter glasses.” Which is either kind of weird, or the coolest thing ever. I had a vision. I thought I would look really chic and classy, and even if I didn’t, I would act like I did (see my first ever post on here where I wrote about feeling strange while wearing a hat).

The glasses came in the mail, and when I put them on the first time, I was like, whoa. These are big. The second time I put them on I thought, these look good. And the third time I put them on, I thought, they look big again.

So I reordered a smaller pair. And that pair came last week. And I think they are worse. They are TOO small on my face, and I look like an old man in them. Which, again, could be really weird, or could be totally cool.

The moral of this story is that I now have two pairs of glasses that don’t exactly fit my face.

The real moral of the story is that Helicon West is going to be in the USU CAMPUS LIBRARY 101 TONIGHT–and that’s a big area. Dare I say, too big for my face, and yet, my preferred style. The Logan Library is wonderful, but the campus library has a lot more room, so we really need you to be there.

We get to listen to all the creative writing contest winners! Their work is wonderful, and unlike the glasses, just right for any person. Come and listen and love with us. It will be amazing!

Sink Hollow April2017