Helicon West Coming Up

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On this September 13th we will be hosting some fantastic poets! We will once again be meeting in the Bridger Room of the Logan Library and we hope to see you there!


Welcome back!

Hey, Helicon! I hope you all got a nice winter break. I spent most of it in Wisconsin with my partner, Charlie. He smiled whenever I marveled at the trees. I haven’t spent much time there yet, and the landscape was just as impressive to me on this trip as when I visited in July.

Listen, though, the trees. There are trees and trees and trees, and behind the trees there are more trees. About half of them are evergreen, but they look black against the snow piled on their branches. Even in the dead of winter, when all the birch trees are bare wood, you can’t see through a thicket of them. Their toothpick bodies block out the view of the horizon.

There are no mountains on the horizon, either. Whenever there was a true break in the trees, I was startled again to see zero sagebrush-covered hillsides. I’m pretty sure Charlie doesn’t know what I mean when I talk about mountains. I’ve tried to describe them to him, but there, among the lakes and rolling hills and trees and trees and trees, everything is about the same height. I don’t know if he’s ever been in a canyon before.

He asked me what foothills are when I described the neighborhoods in the eastern part of Logan. He’s never needed to know what foothills are. He’s never needed to know what sagebrush is.

I’m moving to Wisconsin in May, and that’s something to which I don’t think I’ll quickly get accustomed. No mountains. No sagebrush. Just trees and trees and trees and lakes and lakes and lakes. As much as I love the trees and lakes and snow, I’m definitely going to miss the mountains.

Anyway, now that we’re all back in Logan (including, I’m sure, some of us who didn’t leave), it’s time for Helicon again! We have a few upcoming events I’d like to announce:

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The first Helicon West event of the year is TONIGHT at 7PM in the Logan Library’s Bridger Room, as per usual. We will hear from members of the League of Utah Writers, as well as have our open mic session. The featured readers are Tim Tarbet, Emily Wheeler, Jeremy Goheir, and Amanda Luzzader. Caffe Ibis coffee will be served. See you there!

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Also, this Sunday, there is a free community poetry event at the Bluebird! At 6PM, we will hear from three Cache Valley poets: Star Coulbrooke, Margaret Pettis, and Heidi Blankenship. There will be refreshments and a book signing table. However, because this event is open to the public, it is not BYOB. I hope you all can come. It’s sure to be wonderful!


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Thirdly, if you are a member of Logan’s writing community and would like to attend a weekly workshop followed by one-on-one help from a Writing Center tutor, I encourage you to consider visiting the Cache Valley Community Writing Center! They meet once a week on Wednesdays at 5PM in the Bridger Room (the same room where we have Helicon). I’ve been to one of their workshops, and it’s definitely worth the time!

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Finally, we have the full list of Helicon West dates for the spring semester:


  • TONIGHT (Jan. 11) – League of Utah Writers Showcase
  • Jan. 25 – English Department Lecturers Showcase

  • Feb. 8 – Tony Roegiers Book Launch

  • Feb. 22 – Ben Gunsberg Advanced Poetry Class

  • Mar. 22 – Bull Pen Slam Team

  • Apr. 12 – Poetry at Three

  • Apr. 26 – Sink Hollow Participants

All those fliers can be found full-res below this cut, so if you’re looking for additional details, that’s where you can find them. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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three valley poets flyer.jpg

CVCWC flier Jan2018-1.jpg

Helicon West Spring 2018-1.jpg



May your May be May-full

Hello, everyone! No time like the second-to-last day of May to get the blog post in for the month, am I right?

My name is Brittney, and I’ll be taking over the blog for the summer while we transition from our dear Amias to our fantastic upcoming videographer and blogger, Westin. But for the next three months, you get a lungful of me. Whee!

Born and raised in Cache Valley, I’ll be starting in the graduate program at Utah State University in August, pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Literature & Writing. Even before I started my job at the Writing Center during my junior year of my undergrad, I was familiar with Star and Helicon West. Ever since I was a junior in high school I’d been attending, excited by the opportunity to not only share my then-cheese-laden poetry, but to become part of the community.

I guess I scaled that communal mountain well enough to be setting up the video camera and writing for the blog six years later, eh?

Nonetheless, this first reading of our All Open Mic Summer lineup might be the first reading that jumped so far off the page. As multiple readers performed, their eyes would leave the page and reminisce about the subject ad-lib, or apologize in the case that what they had written wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Although our events are adamantly uncensored, it was a good reminder to me of the variety found in the community. How lucky we are to have a warm place to share our work and grow as writers together.


I’ll post the video down below so you can see for yourself, along with some information about upcoming events in the Logan writer’s world! I hope to see you at our next open mic (June 28th) with stubby pencils and hot drafts in hand!






2018 Writers Symposium

Spring forward

Daylight Savings Time started last week. In all honesty, that means this week was plausibly the worst possible time for me (unquestionably not a morning person) to start a new morning job. And yet, I did so, and faced the unfortunate consequence of being quite miserable shortly thereafter. Let this be a lesson, friends: foresight is a gift and a skill, and you would do well to train it in your personal lives.

All that aside, it’s warming up outside, and the Bull Pen slam team is getting ready to present for us this week! Come join us Thursday night at 7pm to see these talented poets perform. Don’t forget: free Caffe Ibis coffee will be provided. I plan to use it to make the effects of Daylight Savings Time even worse for myself, because “I am healthy, and I am whole, but I have poor impulse control.” See you Thursday!


Helicon tomorrow!

I just started a new job and nearly completely forgot about blogging this week, but Helicon West is tomorrow! Anne Stark and Robb Kunz teach writing classes at USU, and have decided to grace us with their writing. We’ll see you in the Bridger Room in the Logan Library tomorrow night at 7!

There is also a free writing workshop this Saturday! Star Coulbrooke, Jennifer Moore, Carla Kelly, and Franklin Reid will present “How Your Response to Others’ Poetry Makes You a Better Poet.” The conference will run from 10:15AM to 3PM, and the event is free, but pre-registration or early arrival is advised, as space is limited.

Thanks, everyone!

Mornings, and more to come

This morning I stepped out of my house in a hoodie and jeans, knowing it would be appropriate wear for most of the day, but shivers and visible exhales followed my walk to the bus station. It’s hard to stay positive when the rapidly cooling coffee in my hand is the only thing keeping me awake and warm. The world is in that odd in-between stage, where early mornings are too cold and early afternoons too warm to feel like autumn, where the sun is bright and harsh and doesn’t seem to warm the horizon. Winter is on its way, and with it, the darkness of the season. Open your windows, Helicon. Let in the light. Keep your head up; even behind the winter clouds, the sun is still there.

Let in not just the light, but POETRY! Helicon West is this week (tomorrow) on October 26, with Charles Waugh and Jonathan Travelstead as well as an open mic portion. Come have a 7PM coffee with us in the library as the night goes cold.

October 26th