Summer and Fall Helicon Schedules

Hello, my dear community members! I know it’s been a hot second since we’ve been able to meet together, and it’s been a stressful time for everyone, but we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to restart Helicon West over the summer.

So…summer events will *tentatively* begin every fourth Thursday of the summer months in the Bonneville Room of the Logan Library. Different room, but the rest of the drill is the same. 7 pm, with your wonderful writing.

  • May 28 Open mic night
  • June 25 Open mic night
  • July 23 Guest Dayna Patterson
  • August 27 Open mic night

We have a prospective schedule for Fall 2020 as well, though it seems that some events are still up in the air. Note that we’re getting another chance to hear from Amber Caron and Natalie Rogers. That’s an absolute gift 🙂

  • Sept 10 Guest Josi Russell, fantasy author
  • Sept 24 Guest David Lee, first poet laureate of Utah, in conjunction with Utah Humanities Book Festival
  • Oct 8 Guests fiction writer Sian Griffeths & poet John Sibley Williams, with Utah Humanities Book Festival
  • Oct 22 Guests Amber Caron & Natalie Rogers, fiction writers
  • Nov 12 To be determined
  • Dec 3 To be determined

More information will come as these events get closer, but this is what we have to hope for. Stay safe!



Fiction Night at Helicon

It’s just about time for another night of Helicon West! We had a fabulous turnout for Nate Hardy’s reading in February, and this is a great opportunity to show some more of that community spirit. This week we have two fabulous fiction authors, Amber Caron and Natalie Rogers, coming to share their work with us. Amber Caron has had many publications and works as an Assistant Fiction Editor at AGNI. Natalie Rogers is currently one of the joys of USU’s English Department.

You know the drill: 7 pm on March 12th at the Logan Library in the Jim Bridger room. See you there!

12 Mar 2020



Poetry with Nate Hardy

So far this semester we’ve had a stellar group of writers, but I promise that this next event is the one that you’re not going to want to miss. This Thursday, we will be joined by our very own Nate Hardy. He’s a spoken word poet, lyricist, and all-around genuine human being. It is always a joy to experience his readings and performances.

We’re meeting at 7 pm in the Bridger room of the Logan Library on the 27th. Don’t be late!

HW Feb 27



The Sweetest Valentines!

Do you want to know what the best way to get ready for Valentine’s Day this year is? Coming to Helicon West with your sweetheart and hearing from two extremely talented longtime Valentines 🙂 Natalie Young and Nano Taggart met in a USU English class in 2002, and on February 13th they’re bringing their local love story back to its roots. These two are the founding editors of Sugar House Review, and they’re going to be giving us a poetry reading.

So come! Whether it’s for a people date or an artist date, come brighten your February with good writing and good people at 7 pm in the Logan Library.

HW Feb 13



First Featured Reader 2020

At our last meeting, we had a wide variety of readers and wonderful writing. Thank you to everyone who contributed and made it an fabulous night!

Our first featured reader of the semester is Chad Anderson, who in 2017 published his memoir Gay Mormon Dad. Why would anyone not want to hear from him? After the incredible open mic night that we had last time, it would just be unfortunate to miss the next opportunity to support community writers.

Meet us at the Logan Library at 7 pm in the Jim Bridger room on the 23rd!

HW Jan 23



Nonfiction Night

Hello, hello to everyone out there.  First off, I’d like to remind you that we will not be having Helicon West again during the month of November due to that wonderful national holiday of feasting and gratitude that we all love.  As disappointing as this news is, I hope that you can all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We’re not done with our events for the year though! On December 5th, the lovely Jennifer Sinor’s students will present their nonfiction essays.  I’ve had the privilege of interacting with several of these writers as they’ve drafted their essays, so I can promise that it’s going to be a night worth attending and remembering.  These people are strong writers with creative minds.  There’s enough variety in the students attending that I guarantee there will be a topic for everyone in the audience to relate to.  Don’t miss this! 7 pm at the Logan Library 🙂

HW Dec 5