Join us on July 22nd at the Whittier Center in Logan (290 N 400 E), 7PM through 8:30PM. Our featured reader will be our own coordinator Britt Allen, presenting her new chapbook Harvest, being published this month by Finishing Line Press!

Britt Allen takes revenge on the circumstances of her life by being blunt, bare, and brave on the page. She contends with a male-dominated society and abusive childhood as she moves into adulthood and the supposed saving grace of a marriage. Her speaker confesses traumatic memories, marital betrayals, and harmful coping mechanisms in a lyrical way, adding her voice to the abused poets of past and present who have also asked themselves – how can a raped daughter grow up to love a man? To break the silence forced upon her by an abusive parent, the speaker examines the pattern of sexual failures in her life, as well as her roles as a female, daughter, sister, and wife through poetry. Follow her work at

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