Featured Poetry

Have you heard of our broadsides? Created by the fabulous Terysa Dyer and Jessica Hahn from the USU Writing Center, the Helicon West broadsides feature poetry from readers at open mic night.  They always look beautiful, and the writing will enrich your artistic experience. Here are our most recent broadside publications:

Phillip Watts Brown was chosen for the 75th broadside, which hung on the podium for the duration of the evening at a recent event. Personally, I think the fact that there’s a fox on the poster should be enough to convince you to read the poem.  However, if that’s not a compelling argument, it’s also a chance to consider your relationship with the world around you.

Broadsides 75

At our upcoming Helicon West event on the 14th, we will feature two more recent broadsides with poetry by Nathan Allen and Adrian Thomson.

In Broadside #76, Nathan Allen has taken advantage of a poet’s love of lists to bring us the depth and complexity of a “simple” life.  I found myself being reminded to remember the lives that other people experience and how they differ from mine.

Broadsides 76

Adrian Thomson, a graduate instructor at USU, favored us with his poem “Sage Grouse” at our last meeting, and it has become Broadside #77. Curious about what barbed wire has to do with this animal?  He can give you some thoughts on the subject with vivid imagery and sharp prose.

Broadsides 77



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