Stellar Women at Helicon West

For Helicon West on October 10th, we are delighted to be hearing from Logan’s Poet Laureate Emerita, Star Coulbrooke.  Star is the co-founder of our Helicon West meetings, so we are all grateful to her for that, but in her time as Poet Laureate she also gathered Logan together for poetry walkabouts.  Her book City of Poetry commemorates her experience as our first Poet Laureate.  She has recently published Thin Spines of Memory and Both Sides from the Middle in Helicon West Press.  Besides all that, Star has directed the USU Writing Center for eleven years, and we all love her there.  She does so much to bring poetry and writing to our community.

Star will be joined by Sunni Brown Wilkinson. We’re hoping to hear lots about her newly published collection, The Marriage of the Moon and the Field, which was a finalist for the Hudson Prize.  Sunni has been or will soon be published in Crab Orchard Review, Sou’wester, Adirondack Review, Sugar House Review, Cimarron Review, and Southern Indiana Review.  She received her MFA from Eastern Washington University and currently teaches at Weber State University.  We’re absolutely thrilled to have her with us this Thursday.

In case you haven’t gotten the idea yet, we’re going to have an stupendous gathering on the 10th 🙂  This is not the evening to miss Helicon West, so join us at 7 pm in the Jim Bridger room of the Logan Library!

HW Oct 10


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