Helicon West Welcomes the Year of the Woman

We had a great meeting on the 12th with Rob Carney, but it was just the beginning of a wonderful semester.  This week for Helicon West, we will be joined by Danielle Beazer Dubrasky, an associate professor from Southern Utah University who directs the Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values.  Danielle first received her MA in English/creative writing at Stanford, then her PhD in creative writing from the University of Utah. Her poetry has been published or recently accepted in Chiron Review, South Dakota Review, Ninth Letter, Main Street Rag, Pilgrimage, saltfront, Sugar House Review, Cave Wall, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, Under a Warm Green Linden, and Terrain.org. We’re excited to hear from her chapbook, Ruin and Light, which won the 2014 Anabiosis Press Chapbook competition.

Once again, we’ll be meeting at 7 pm on Thursday the 26th in the Logan Library Bridger Room.  It will be an amazing reading, so don’t miss it!

HW Sept 26



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