Strange Glasses

Can I tell you about something that’s kind of dumb for a second? Yes? Okay, cool.

So I ordered these glasses a while ago, and I was super excited to get them. When I showed my mom a picture she said, “They look like Harry Potter glasses.” Which is either kind of weird, or the coolest thing ever. I had a vision. I thought I would look really chic and classy, and even if I didn’t, I would act like I did (see my first ever post on here where I wrote about feeling strange while wearing a hat).

The glasses came in the mail, and when I put them on the first time, I was like, whoa. These are big. The second time I put them on I thought, these look good. And the third time I put them on, I thought, they look big again.

So I reordered a smaller pair. And that pair came last week. And I think they are worse. They are TOO small on my face, and I look like an old man in them. Which, again, could be really weird, or could be totally cool.

The moral of this story is that I now have two pairs of glasses that don’t exactly fit my face.

The real moral of the story is that Helicon West is going to be in the USU CAMPUS LIBRARY 101 TONIGHT–and that’s a big area. Dare I say, too big for my face, and yet, my preferred style. The Logan Library is wonderful, but the campus library has a lot more room, so we really need you to be there.

We get to listen to all the creative writing contest winners! Their work is wonderful, and unlike the glasses, just right for any person. Come and listen and love with us. It will be amazing!

Sink Hollow April2017

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