Let’s All Take Flight

I’m sure most of you have heard about the United Airlines debacle. If you have, you can skip down a paragraph or two.

Basically, from what I’ve heard, United needed to get four of their employees on the plane. Because of this, they kicked off four other passengers. First they offered them quite a bit of money, but when one of the passengers refused to leave, they had security come drag him off the plane. The man was a doctor, and needed to get home for appointments the next day.

It was very strange. I watched the videos of the man getting dragged off the plane and I felt sick. I can’t really tell you why “sick” out of every other feeling, but that’s what happened. I felt sick.

My husband had told me about the dilemma before I went to school. He was very shocked. When I got home, however, he was singing a different tune. He told me that he’d looked into both sides of the argument and he thought United deserved a little more sympathy. We fought about this for a while, eventually leading to me pinning him on the bed and saying loudly, “It gave me a bad FEELING and that MEANS something!!!!!”

We get really dramatic.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about that sentiment for a couple days now. I think we need to pay more attention to our feelings. With all the swayed views and “fake” news and opinions slashing each other, we’ve got to pay attention to how we feel about what’s going on. The inner you is telling you something, and you’ve got to listen.

However, that’s just my view of the world. Maybe it’s “fake,” too. 😉

On a lighter, less cheesy note (I’m hoping George Saunders would be proud of me), art makes us feel things too, and I think that’s why we’ve got to hold onto it right now. We’ve got to fight for it. Every day I am privileged to work with inspiring professors who have dedicated their life to it. We need your support. Come feel with us (I’ve said that before, in other posts. It seems to be this year’s theme. And I like that). COME FEEL WITH US.

Tomorrow some of those amazing people who dedicate their life to art will be reading to us! Same time, same place. I hope to see you there.



And if you like that (you will), there are a couple other events coming up that you’d probably like as well:

First–Star Coulbrooke (Logan’s Poet Laureate, Writing Center Goddess, and A Person We Should All Be Like) will be hosting a poetry walkabout. Sure to be amazing as usual.

April in Adams Park2017

Next, we have Star Coulbrooke’s book launch! (It is a Star world, and we are just living in it–and we wouldn’t have it any other way <3)


And last but DEFINITELY not least, we have the Cache Valley Chapter of the NFB reading!


UGH! So many INCREDIBLE events to attend. They will fill you up, break you down, and hold you close. We are so lucky to be here.


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