Birds of a Feather

Hello everyone. Sorry for the hiatus. You know how Spring Break is–cRaZy.

Anyway, the other day my beloved husband put some clothes in the dryer. For a couple weeks (WEEKS, people. Remember that for the future of this post) I’ve been hearing weird noises in our wall, like scratching. I mentioned our squirrel friend a couple posts back, and I kind of hoped that little squirrel was somehow living in our walls during the winter. I would be okay with that. Even though it’s super creepy.

Anyway, so the dryer is running, and the clothes are rolling around, making weird noises, and all of the sudden the dryer stops. And there is scratching. Undeniable scratching, from an animal.

We go through different options. Call landlord? No, he’s very scary. Call Animal Control? Well, they are rated 1.7 stars on the website, so, no? Unhook the dryer ourselves with a plastic bag, ready to catch whatever animal resides in our walls? Sure.

So my beloved husband drags the dryer out, and the hose just falls off by itself (is that bad?) and we wait. And wait. But the scratching has stopped. (And I’m expecting the squirrel to pop out at any moment.) But a beak comes out first, followed by a gray-ish, blue-ish bird, looking around, its head twitching in that way that bird’s heads usually do.

We screamed. My beloved husband put the trash bag over the hose, and of course the bird did not fly into the bag. So we took it off.

The bird hesitantly peaked out once more. And then jumped out. Then decided to fly. Being the mature adult that I am, I took off running and screaming out our front door (expertly left open, as well as the back door, hoping the bird would escape). My beloved husband dove to the floor, covering his head.

When we both gathered ourselves, we couldn’t find the bird. We looked around for a while, and ultimately decided the bird must have flown out the back door, back to its normal life, away from the dryer’s heat that has been blowing on this bird for weeks. (Really though, HOW is it alive?)

Right before I closed the front door, I heard a bird singing. And I knew our friend was free.

On a more relevant note, if you’d like to hear something equivalent to bird’s singing, come to Helicon West tomorrow at 7 and listen to the Bull Pen Slam Team pour their hearts out. They are brilliant and beautiful and brave and their poetry will make you feel as free as my bird friend.

Bull Pen Slam March2017

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