Poetry that Simmers

It’s snowing a little and I think that fact may have broken my heart.

I have something to admit. Something that the feminist inside of me never wanted to admit. But here I am, admitting it, because the act of admitting it means I am using my voice however I please, and that is: good.

I like to cook. But I don’t think you understand. I really LIKE to cook. All growing up I told myself I wouldn’t be the woman in the kitchen that boys so often joked about, and I have avoided it until recently, when I realized: I should probably start taking better care of myself. And that includes cooking. Healthy foods. Putting in effort.

And I LIKE IT. I like putting this flavor with that. I like how a recipe can call for a teaspoon of seasoning and I think, who cares, and I take the seasoning itself and pour some in, because who cares about measuring a little spice that will only make the dish better? Who cares about exact amounts? Add it all in, try it all, see what you come up with!

I love that mindset. That mindset is ART. And so I am here to dub cooking as art and the kitchen as a studio because I do what I want.

Anyway, poetry is obviously also art and this week at Helicon West we get to hear from Shanan Ballam’s advanced poetry class! These kitty cats are so good at poetry, you’ll be begging for more…kind of like that sausage tortellini I’ve got simmering in the kitchen? Maybe I’ll share with you if you come.


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