Current Events

So something happened last night. I’ll be vague about it, but also up front: Donald Trump was elected as the new President of the United States.

In my Advanced Non-Fiction class, my teacher, Jennifer Sinor, opened up a discussion about how we all felt knowing the election results. She told us that this election would go down in history no matter who was elected, and we’re part of that history.

Of course, this made me think of writing. Of course. I mean, what else do I do? But think about the world–this messed up, warped, beautiful place we live, where we’re all learning together how to live in harmony. That’s like writing. We try to connect the pieces of our lives that make us feel. We share with others so they can connect, too. Through this process, we discover. And hopefully find our own center, where we can exist in peace.

That being said, I know quite a few of the featured readers this week: Ben Gunsberg’s poetry class! I am so excited for the poems they’ll share. I’m excited for us to all join together to listen and understand and feel. It keeps us sane.


See you tomorrow!


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