A Pretty Time

Last weekend my husband and I went to Zion’s to try some hikes. I’d just ordered Teva’s and I was pretty excited about that. We were prepared to pay the $30+ to get into the park, but a ranger told us that day was free. It was a miracle.

We went up to the Narrows, a hike I’ve never done. Everyone talks about how great it is, so we thought we’d give it a shot.

Well, the canyon was beautiful. The red rock shined in sun shadow, green plants grew from the walls, some upside down and some with vines hanging. The trail is mostly through a river, so we sloshed our way through. We sat on a large boulder to take a break, and watched others take the trail. Some held hands to cross the river, some looked for smooth spots and all around us the canyon towered.

And people are so NICE, when they’re hiking, have you noticed? We could all say hi to each other and laugh when my Teva’s caught on underwater rocks and I’d flail my arms like a ceiling fan. The people told me to protect my toes.

So anyway, nature is beautiful, you are beautiful, and the featured readers at Helicon West next Thursday are certainly beautiful. Their words will speak to your soul, and they’ll light you up like the same shadowy sunlight I enjoyed in the wild.



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