A New Kind of Home


Logan, Utah has the best group of writers ever. I’ve seen it in all different forms–Helicon West (of course), the writing department on campus, the Cache Valley Writing Center, etc.

I’ve known for a while that we have the greatest people in this area, but last night that sentiment was reaffirmed. A group of us gathered at a fire pit to roast s’mores and read our writing, and a storm came rolling in.

Really, thunder boomed it’s very loudest, there was lightning in the distance, and all our various fliers advertising all things writing flew away in the huge gusts of wind.

Did we give up? Did we say, screw it, let’s all go home?

No. We went inside a random dorm building.

The whole group came inside, regardless of the lack of s’mores, and the strange venue, and we read our writing and enjoyed each other’s company.

Because writing bonds people. The writing community here gives you a place that feels like a new kind of home. A place where everyone collaborates and cheers for each other and maybe we even snap instead of clap. Depends on the day.

So Helicon West isn’t this week, but next week we will be excited to see new faces in the Logan library. Come and feel the good feelings for yourself.

:’) All the cheesiness in one post. But you know you needed to hear it.


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