Confusion Avoidance Strategies

Would you like to avoid some confusion and, depending on how sensitive you are, raw terror in the near future? Then keep reading.

This Thursday is Helicon West and we will be meeting, as usual, at 7 pm. But here’s the catch. We won’t be in the Logan Library. Not at all. We’re in the Merrill Cazier Library. On the Utah State University campus. In Room 101, which is just behind the first doors. Someone will forget and show up in the public Logan Library. They will feel all sad and lost in the Bridger Room, and if they’re really uninformed, a bit terrified. Did they forget the day of the week? Are they late? Are they a ghost, lost in this world and unable to see the living? Don’t let it be you! Write it on your hand. Set up a reminder on your phone. Staple a note to your forehead, you habit-dwelling creature. Merrill. Cazier. Library.

“But where will I park?” you ask.

Have a map:

“And why should I come?” you ask.

Because all these USU students who are probably your friends (and if not, you’d like them anyhow) got published in Scribendi (USU’s literary magazine) and we are going to hear them read, that’s why. There will be stories and poetry. Culture. Humor! Depth! Also there will be snacks, and we are food motivated, like dolphins. So come to the Merrill Cazier Library on Thursday at 7 pm.


See you then!

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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