Swenson Soiree

Let’s play a guess-who game.

This person had a bachelor’s degree from USU!!!!!!!

They are considered one of the most important United States poets of the last century.

Their first collection of poetry is called Another Animal. 

Quote: “I’m two eyes looking out of a suit of armor. I write because I can’t talk.”

It’s May Swenson! She’s an incredible part of Logan’s literary heritage, a poet known throughout the nation. This evening, we are celebrating the fact that a hundred years ago, May Swenson turned three.

We really just want to have a party, all right?

And it’s going to be a great party! Herm’s Inn will be providing refreshments, and you can BYOB. We’ll read Swenson poetry, write poetry, have an open-mic portion…it’s going to be great. Other than food, history, culture, poetry, and a lively good time, you should come because I helped make up the name for this party and I’m super pleased with it. Listen to that alliteration. Swenson Soiree. Say it slowly. Enjoy it.

Anyhow, the party is tonight, at 6:30 pm, in Herm’s Inn (1435 Canyon Road, Logan). You and everyone you know are invited. Check out the flyer for more details: Swenson Soiree April2016 (1)

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


One thought on “Swenson Soiree

  1. Thanks for posting this and thanks for the great name: Swenson Soiree’: A Celebration of Logan’s Most Famous Poet. It just rolls of the tongue – Swenson Soiree’, Swenson Soiree’…

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