Sea Otters

A sea otter is cute.

But two sea otters are cuter. They’ll hold hands to keep from drifting apart in the waves when they sleep. Think about two best friends drifting in the ocean, paw around paw, content to keep each other’s company, afraid of nothing save loneliness.


Similarly, this post has two attachments. They are, of course, just like these sea otters. Content to drift the waves of the internet so long as they are near each other. The first is a broadside; a performer, the one who loves the limelight. The second is a bulletin about this Thursday’s Helicon West. It’s more the backstage type, the one who moves the spotlight so its lover can shine. Without the notices, no one would come to Helicon West. If no one came, there would be nothing to publish on the broadside.

HW Broadside57 Apr2016

Poetry at Three2016

They’re only as cute as sea otters if you open them. All their adorableness is contained within their graphic design. Read the poetry. Garner the information.

But just in case you don’t read them, here’s the spiel: April 14 is Helicon West. Meet up in the Logan Library Bridger Room (255 North Main) at 7 pm to hear the featured readers, a fantastic group which has a tradition of reading here–Poetry at Three. And since we’re an open microphone series, bring your own pieces. Sign up before the event. Read for seven minutes or less. Get applauded! Be loved. Don’t be lonely this Thursday. Be like a sea otter with its ocean buddy. Come to Helicon West.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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