Red Poetry

If I were to color code slam poetry, it would be red.

Red like hot embers, last laugh of the fire, heat seeped into the logs glowing, pulsing, Red like the sunset in a city steeped in its own fumes, Red like the inside of your heart, churning your neverending life into your fingers eyes lungs.

And it’s best heard out loud.

To hear some of this passion-laden and wild raw art, come to Helicon West tomorrow at 7pm. Meet in the Logan Library Bridger Room (255 North Main) to meet the USU Bull Pen Slam Team rip some sick verse. We’ll have free coffee and snacks. Check out this flyer (Bull Pen Slam March2016) to see this information formatted nicely.

If you’ve got something you’ve been working on, stick around for Open Mic. Show up a little early, put your name on the sign-up sheet, and read your piece (as long as it’s seven minutes or less). Does that intimidate you? Be brave. Be red.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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