What we’ve got is a little college town that never sleeps falls asleep because it’s not big enough yet to stay awake all night. Even so, the people have big dreams. There are people who want to build bridges and robotic limbs, people who want to fly or shoot giant lasers into the sky; there are poets and storytellers, too.

The poets and storytellers gather to a place named for the mountain of the Greek muses. Helicon West. They share and practice their art at open mic readings in the city library, in a room tucked into the back corner. And now the Helicon West crowd is making an anthology.

Over the years there has been some beautiful stuff that has echoed around the back corner of the library. And we’re going to publish it. Show it to the world. In the book you’ll find professionals: professors, writers, writing students. There are also amateurs, the people who just love to write.

“I’m excited about the anthology because it’s taking the intangible sense of community we’ve created and making it tangible.” -Alyssa Quinn

It’s going to give the little college town another thing to be proud of, another dream realized.

Please give us money.

But really, it’s a worthy cause. If you aren’t feeling rich, at least lend your love. Be excited for Helicon West.

“I’m not sure how valuable my humble contribution will be, but I think it is so exciting that students are included and have been encouraged to share in this professional venue through Helicon West. It’s been an incredible experience for me, and I have been able to grow so much as an artist because of it.” -Millie Tullis

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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