The Anthology

Helicon West Anthology
This expansive book of verse and prose collects outstanding submissions from poets and writers featured at Helicon West, the acclaimed, long-running reading series based in the mountains of northern Utah. During its 10-year history, Helicon West has hosted established and emerging voices from Utah and throughout the United States. Helicon West’s impressive list of past featured readers includes:
Dinty Moore, memoirist
Katharine Coles, former Utah Poet Laureate
Lance Larsen, Utah Poet Laureate
Jack Remick, novelist and poet
William Trowbridge, poet
Jennifer Sinor, memoirist
Kimberly Johnson, poet
Star Coulbrooke, Logan City Poet Laureate
Shanan Ballam, poet
Michael Sowder, poet
Maria Melendez, poet
Stephen Tuttle, fiction writer
Poetry, essays, and stories by these and other authors can be found in this first-of-its-kind collection, the Helicon West Anthology. Support this important grassroots arts endeavor and reserve your own copy of the first-run Kickstarter edition by making a donation of just $15. Become a charter supporter and add your name to the acknowledgement section by increasing your donation.

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