I heard this story once about a wildlife researcher who was up in the mountains–off the trail a ways, because she was trying to count the nests of Blue-Crested Falcons. They used to be more common, but they’re pretty rare now because they run into power lines.

She was a little worried because a few days before, her boyfriend had been dropping hints that something had come up with him. He’d said he wanted to meet at 7pm in the Logan Library Bridger Room and there was some sort of event he wanted to do. He’d been spending a lot of time over there and talking about something called Open Mic where people could read seven minutes or less of their own work–poetry, nonfiction, short stories, bits of their novels, anything they liked, and how great the people were. I mean, he wouldn’t stop talking about it. It sounded kind of fishy. She was a little worried he’d gotten himself into a cult.

But she decided to do her bird count instead because it might snow the day after and mess up her ability to find nests. Her boyfriend had been disappointed, but had said she could come some other week.

She’d just found a nest when she saw a flyer (LUW Feb2016) nailed to the tree trunk. It wasn’t especially scary, but it was weird that a flyer talking about how there would be all these wonderful people (Emily Wheeler, Jeremy Gohier, Jeff Bateman, Sherrie Lynn Clarke, and Dustin Earl) as featured readers. And underneath that, she saw the words “YOU’RE MISSING OUT” carved into the bottom of the tree.

She thought that was kind of weird, but she decided to keep looking for nests since she was on a roll.

So she kept going until she found another nest. She was so excited, because this one had birds flying in and out of it, but then she looked at the bottom of the tree trunk and found another note nailed in. This one said “THERE’S FREE COFFEE,” and it had a brown spots that looked like dried liquid all over it.

Now she was really worried, but she was near the end of her research area, so she decided to go just a bit further.

But she didn’t even get to the border because just over a little hill she found her boyfriend, dead on the ground. It turned out he was going to propose to her at Helicon West, but he’d died because the falcons at the last tree had thought he was attacking their babies. They got a lucky strike and that was it for the wildlife researcher’s boyfriend.

And the moral of the story is that A) Come to Helicon West or falcons might eat your boyfriend, and B) Urban legends are not my strong suite.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger



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