Invisible You

Imagine you can turn invisible.

You aren’t really sure what to do with your new power. You live in Logan and there isn’t that much vigilante justice to carry out. You think you could snoop on that one person who you’ve meant to check up on, but then you realize that they just posted the answer to your question on Facebook. You try sneaking up on people in the dark. It’s pretty funny, but you feel bad when a nice old lady drops all her groceries and runs. You’re left, invisibly, in a pile of French bread and bruised apples and ice.

Then you remember. It’s Helicon West this Thursday, and you know that Brock Dethier (click here for the flyer —> helicon_detheir) is reading. And you’ve wanted to hear him read for a while. Now’s your chance! You can sneak into the Logan Library Bridger Room (255 North Main Street) at 7pm. Nobody will ever know, and you’ll get in for free! You feel the raw lovely power of your invisibility, and get your coat (which turns invisible when you touch it, fortunately).

Then you remember that Helicon West is always free, but you decide to go anyways. And, hey, there will be snacks and coffee and nice people to talk to if you aren’t invisible. It also occurs to you that you can turn invisible after signing up for open mic and scare everybody by reading invisibly (for seven minutes or less) your own creative work. Of course, the scientists would probably come get you if you did that.

So you decide to just go to Helicon West in the normal, visible fashion. You have a great time. And afterwards you discover the real purpose of your invisibility: Bigfoot impersonations.

See you at Helicon! Unless you come invisibly. Then I won’t see you, I guess.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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