Plague Doctors and Other Such Things

Hello, Internet! Welcome back to Helicon West. We’ll be starting off this season with the scariest cure for the scariest disease in human history. Don’t believe me? Look at this wicked awesome flyer.

AllOpenMic 14Jan2016

If you didn’t click that link, you missed the flyer. Go back to the text in green and click it.

By scariest disease, I mean the Black Plague. It was so deadly it actually made a visible divot on the total human population. Millions of people died. But the worst part about the plague was the cure: the doctors looked like gas mask ravens of death, due to some belief that breathing a bunch of herbs they stuffed in the beak would protect them from breathing the plague. In all actuality, this horrifying costume did actually protect the doctors, but only because it left no skin available for fleas to bite.

Now, you may be wondering what all this has to do with Helicon West. I will tell you. It’s because Plague doctors had hats. Hats rhymes with cats. Cats were revered in Egypt. Egypt had pyramids. Pyramids are shaped like mountains. One mountain found in Greece is called Mount Helicon. And what is our poetry group called? Helicon West.


That we’ve got Helicon West on Thursday at 7pm. Logan Library 255 North Main Street. Uncensored. Free coffee from Cafe Ibis. Free snacks from Star. Open to the public. You know how it goes. And this time, we really need you to come because we’ve got all-open mic. You know those lovely rambling things you wrote over Christmas Break? We need them (as long as they ramble seven minutes or less). Come share your lovely art and be a doctor of souls.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


2 thoughts on “Plague Doctors and Other Such Things

  1. Ever since I saw the Plague doc and five of his faceless patients staring at the night sky in a frigid winter night in December in my neighborhood, I’ve been seeing him and hearing about him everywhere.

  2. The Helicon
    After Dixon Lanier Merritt’s Pelican limerick

    What a wonderful night is the Helicon:
    The words fly forth like a pelican!
    Much is shared in a week,
    And some with real cheek,
    And you’ll laugh as hard as your belly can!

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