“Book” sounds like “Freedom” in Spanish

Because books are freedom!!!!

So it turns out that the magic secret to inserting videos on WordPress’s new blog-writing-platform is that I have to copy-paste the link into the post… I’m a smart person, aren’t I.

Here, have some videos.

This is a bit of Jill Bower’s upcoming book (Fall 2016) called Immortal Writers. Learn the fate of three people trapped by a sadistic water dragon, with only some insufficient magic powers and their wits to save them. The overall story conflict is that some writers manage to attain immortality by being just-that-good, and they get to live forever. BUT the antagonists of their stories come to life, and they have to defeat them.

Which is cool. Unless you happen to have a really powerful antagonist to defeat, like Cthulhu. Poor H.P. Lovecraft. Apparently, he’s also in the story–so when Immortal Writers comes out, I’m going to read it just to find out how a little horror writer defeated the unknowable abomination of a god. So, now I have to wait a whole year to read Immortal Writers to find out if the topic of Lovecraft vs Cthulhu gets resolved…and if not, I might have to take up fan-fiction.

You know a trait of a fun story? It makes other people want to create in return. Fan-fiction is probably the ultimate expression of love, and that’s why I think making a movie of a book is actually fan-fiction. If I ever do a master’s, that is totally going to be my thesis.

But anyhow.

And here’s Bethany Zohner’s novel clip. Hers is already published, so no frustrating waiting or anything. It’s called The Perfect Fool.

It’s about a court jester going about his business–you know, spying, falling in love, entertaining people, telling them off in such manner that they feel flattered. In the scene Bethany reads, we’ve got a wise fool showing up some egotistical counselors (egotistical might be a mild term) by coming up with a wicked clever idea despite a lack of formal education. Go underdogs! And in the scene after, we’ve got a tiny and cute little fiasco with a girl in a field, and a bit of verbal combat between some people who seem to have ulterior motives.

Anything can happen, Internet…anything. You never know if accidentally revealing your secret identity to a toddler in a field will ruin you, or if that guy who won’t stop bantering with you is out for your downfall. UNLESS YOU READ THE BOOK.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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