A Motivational Story!

The whole city of Logan clumped like lichens at the edges of the mountains, Christmas lights and warehouses and the college and Main Street. The whole smoggy sky froze above it. Dry, dirty snow that wouldn’t pack into snowballs stuck on the edges of parking lots.

It was Thursday night. You’d had a long time of it–Thanksgiving was only a week ago, but you wanted another holiday already. You kept slipping on ice; your nose ran. Your coat and boots made you feel like you’d been alive for a billion years. Heavy. Fortunately for you, this Thursday was Helicon West. You knew a place where you could hang out with clever and lovely people who wanted to share their art. You knew there would be free coffee and cookies. You knew that if you went outside and arrived at the Logan Library Bridger Room at 7 pm, you could shore up your weary soul a little longer.

Two friendly-sounding writers (Here, have a flyer link: Zohner & Bowers Dec2015) would be the guest speakers, and you couldn’t wait to hear about their novels and works in progress and the stories they would tell. You were also excited to hear from your writing community, who would read at Open Mic for seven minutes or less from their own creative work. You decided that you had a poem you wanted to share, and that you would read as well.


Will you go to Helicon West and have your stone-cold heart warmed up and ennobled? Will you bravely face the wild tracts of ice and snow in order to join your community? The end is up to you, Internet.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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