Rob Carney Tomorrow!

Hello, Internet. It feels like it’s been a while since Helicon West.

That’s because the events are on second and fourth Thursdays of a month, so–surprise! We didn’t have one last week. Very sad and all. And discombobulating for those of us who didn’t notice the pattern.

That’s me. I was really confused last week.

But that’s okay, and tomorrow, we DO have Helicon West. Here, have a fancy flyer to pique your interest.

Rob Carney Nov2015

If you are too lazy to look at the flyer, or you want to hear some carney puns, read on. The featured reader at the November 12th Helicon West will be Rob Carney (see now, I’m really funny). He’s a renowned Utah author and UVU professor with youth appeal and WEB PRESENCE. Just like this blog! Except for with, you know, more of it. Using my internet search skills, I’ve determined that Rob writes poetry and likes the American West. We’ll meet in the Logan Library (255 North Main) Bridger Room at 7 pm.

Using my internet search weaknesses, I’ve also discovered an international realtor and this guy who does his own mix tapes, also by the name of Rob Carney.

Anyways. Come to Helicon West. Listen to Rob. Drink free coffee. Eat free cookies. Read your own work up to seven minutes long at Open Mic, the part of the show where you come out and say your fancy poem or what-have-you. We’re uncensored so you can say anything you like, any thought you want to share with people, as long as you can do it before the passage of four hundred twenty seconds.

And now I owe you some puns.

I can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory. All I did was take a day off.

Going vegetarian is a missed steak. A steak pun is a rare medium well done.

…..Why did no one like the last two puns? Because they were too Carney.

And why did everyone like the previous pun? Because it was just the right amount of Carney.

I’m sorry.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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