Flash fiction: extremely short stories, usually 500 words or less–on occasion you may find one at 750 words, or with only 50.

The challenge: tell a convincing and intriguing story with knowable characters, change worth hearing about, a setting to sink into, and an interesting plot in an extremely limited space.

The contender: Bull Pen Flash (and Gary Dop…but, my dear internet, I do not know if he’s with the Bull Pen Flash or if he’s doing his own thing).

The place to go: Logan Library Bridger Room. Arrive at seven…or fashionably early.

Will they be up to the challenge? Can these really cool people from Utah State take the pressure? Is Gary Dop part of Bull Pen Flash? Will you read your own piece  (seven minutes or less) at Open Mic after the featured readers? Will the audience love and support you? Just kidding. That’s not a question. They totally will love and support you. Come read.

And what is the very super exciting surprise that I’m not going to tell you about here?

Find out tomorrow at Helicon West as Bull Pen Flash students present their projects. There will be free coffee from Cafe Ibis. And a surprise joyful thing!

Hint: If I were you…I’d come hungry.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger

UPDATE: Gary Dop was not part of Bull Pen. He came all the way from the middle of the United States and read us some hilarious poetry…and some poems that were so sad that it would have been wrong to clap. So we all just sat in silence and felt the emotions. Helicon West was AWESOME.


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