This title is a haiku. It’s not very good. Love it anyways.

I have a beautiful broadside for your viewing/ reading pleasure! This time it features some angry, sensual poems by Lori Lee and Marianne Hales Harding. Angry and sensual you say? Yeah, they’re both angry and sensual and some other things at the same time. Have a look!

October Broadside

Do you know what ‘broadside’ means? says that a broadside is a piece of paper printed on one side. It also says a broadside is the whole side of a ship that is above water. Just thought you ought to know.

BUT it really means that Lori Lee and Marianne Hales Harding are published authors, and they may now brag about their accomplishment whenever they have the occasion. They can impress skeptical friends, stave off annoying relatives, and woo other publishers who require proof that you are for real.

If you would like to get your work on a broadside, then step one is to come to Helicon West tomorrow (October 8) at 7:00 pm in Logan Library’s Bridger Room. We’ll be hearing from Amanda Luzzader, K. Scott Forman, and Michael Darling. We’re in line for a horror/ Halloween themed Helicon West (I think), so bring someone along whose hand you’d like to hold.

Want more information? Look here: Helicon Oct 8

Step two to getting on a broadside is to bring your own creative work seven minutes or less and read it at Open Mic, the part of the show where you come out and show everyone how wonderful you are! After our featured readers, you have an opportunity to dazzle us all with your talents. Repeat this step as necessary, which is to say, read often. Getting your work out in front of a small supportive audience is a great practice for bigger things–and by itself, it’s still a worthy goal. Share often. Come drink free coffee from Cafe Ibis to pep yourself up.

Step three is to submit your piece to star.coulbrooke@ for consideration. You may also ask her questions, or you can go to USU’s writing center site for more information.

This is another haiku. I’m afraid it’s no better than my first.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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