Oh Yeah!

Hey, Internet!

(Now imagine the internet smashing through a wall, sloshing red punch and saying “oh yeah”)…(But don’t imagine it too hard just in case of copyright)

The day is nearly upon us! Helicon West is tomorrow, or, more specifically, September 10th. I shouldn’t use this many exclamation points, I know, but it’s kind of exciting. Finally, we’re all back in Logan and we’re ready to leave our summer jobs behind us and get back into the spirit of poetry-community (that’s a thing, I just know it). As such, Helicon West deserves the care and tender emphasis of this most overused punctuation mark–

Because tomorrow at 7:00 pm we get to hear from John Engler and Lisa Roullard. Their profiles are promising: between them, we’ve got poems, essays, screenplays, articles, stories, more poems, life experience, love of humanity. Just check out the flyer from the last post and see what great talent and enthusiasm we’ve got coming…and you can listen to them. No charge. Oh, my dear internet, I’m offering you free entertainment. If you like coffee, I am also offering you coffee. If you want to share your own creative works without fighting to get into a magazine or publication, I am offering you a supportive and fairly beatnik audience (I can imagine everyone wearing berets and hanging around London). Just bring your poems or short stories or the first pages of your novel or whatever you’ve got. Read for seven minutes or less. Let us tell you that you are wonderful.

So…now that you’re interested, this event will be in the Logan City Library Bridger Room (255 North Main Street). It’ll be as much fun as an advertisement you might see in the summer, featuring a friendly animate pitcher of liquid breaking architecture.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger

In case you don’t get it, it’s Kool-Aid. Helicon West will be as much fun as a Kool-Aid advertisement.


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