Scribendi Readers Part Four (of Five)

Conrad Lucas reads three short pieces in this video. “Between Spaces.” “Phineas Gage.” “Human.” I don’t often appreciate cynicism because it makes me want to curl up and let the hateful world roll itself to destruction. However, Conrad explains himself so well in these pieces that I could call this love instead of abuse. He tells interesting stories, explains things honestly, and tops it off with hope. You know, that we have souls, that we are better than we think we are, the little particles of possibility that change apathy into endless effort of will.

Tracy Jones reads her nonfiction story, “The Cost of Love.” I most enjoy how the flashbacks and present moment blend. Without confusion, Haiti and a prodigal son become one tale about how hard it is to be a parent. Love isn’t always nice. It can even be painful. I love the world Tracy shows me. People stumble around, trying to help each other, stepping on toes, messing up. Do they forgive afterwards? I’d love to hear the end of this one.

Preston Grover reads the first part of “Like Magic.” You know those books where the author goes off on a tangent describing dozens of foods to try to make you hungry and eventually you’ve seen it before and you don’t care? This is not that story. If the secret ingredient to a really good meal is love, then the secret ingredient to a story about food is…also love. The meals described sound just fine, but I swear I want to eat them more than all the massive feasts of fantasy. The intimacy of cooking is much more edible.

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger


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