Scribendi Readers Part Three

Welcome to the third installment of Scribendi!

Lorelle Frank reads the first part of her fiction story “Case Study.” Homeschoolers Darwin and Archie star in this tale about people whose connection starts out truly awkward. It’s humorous, detailed, and intriguing as a train wreck at the sentence level. It’s heartwarming as a whole. Again, we don’t get to hear the whole story on this video, but the descriptions of an eczema-medication-and tuna-sandwich alone are worth a watch.

Chloe Hanson tells a story from her nonfiction piece “Remnants.” She starts strong. Her topic is death, and the way people try to preserve life. Her description of how we keep our dead is factual, and terribly unnerving. Her description of natural decay is reverent. And her description of life is conflicted. What do we do with these fragile meat machines? How do we deal with their breakdown and with false alarms about mortality?

Anastasia Lugo Mendez reads “Honeymoon,” a short story that may not be suitable for people susceptible to motion sickness. It’s an interesting story; it addresses a fascinating syndrome I’ve never conceived of before, the beginnings of a new life, feelings of instability both literally and metaphorically. It’s beautiful to hear Anastasia read her story. Her voice lilts like the tipping of a boat on waves, soothing (and alarming).

Actually, I kind of feel nauseated now. Hypochondriac powers, activate!

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon blogger


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