Scribendi Readers Part Two and also Helicon West Tonight!

First, an item of business.

Helicon West will be in the Bridger Room of the Logan Library tonight at 7:00 pm. Readers are coming in from Logan High School. Come hear what they’ve been working on, and maybe afterwards we’ll hear from you! Sign up to read at the open mic. Share seven minutes of your own original creativity. Or just come to listen to other people share their projects. Either way, enjoy.

“Mint Milk Tea,” by Aiya Sakr. I don’t know what this drink tastes like but I think I want some. It sounds so safe and calm; it sounds like coming home. I haven’t ever had mint milk tea and I’m craving it because of someone else’s nostalgia. Excellent choice of details, Aiya. I am also interested the description of the desire to save a mint plant. People like helping underdogs and sometimes we want to protect dying plants, the flavor of ice cream no one else chose, the neglected stuffed animal. Why do we do that? People are full of good intentions and inexplicably cute quirks.

“The Empty House,” Matt Halaczkiewicz. This video is basically an audio book. Close your eyes and let the story take you. It moves between flashback and present moment easily, it’s got an exciting premise, it gets intense in less than five minutes, and I’m pretty mad that Matt gave himself a time limit.

Finally, “Nocturnal Navigation,” by Paden Carlson. He writes about owls, and how interesting they are, both scientific and mythological at once. They are exceptional because they have done more than eagles and other raptors, and so we can be like them, accept the dark and “nobly manage our struggles.” The lines describing their eyes are lovely and evocative. Catch it at 0:30 of the video.

This concludes part two of the Scribendi Helicon. Have a terrific time at tonight’s Helicon!

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon blogger


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