Scribendi Readers Part One

There were many fantastic readings at the Scribendi Helicon. So as not to make a post with over a dozen videos on it, I shall release them in batches. Enjoy these videos. Relish them like tasty sandwiches and lemonade and summer. The words are beautiful. Or funny. Or both.

Anastasia Hawke’s poem: “Our Father Has Never Been Sorry.” Right now, much of world seems to be trying to gentle itself. The debate about corporal punishment belongs elsewhere. Instead, listen to the poet’s words and empathy and pain. She tells the story from both sides of at the same time, which is a beautiful trick that makes her story all the more poignant.

Kendall Pack’s short story “Valued Employee” begins with a termination email. If I found that email in my inbox, I wouldn’t laugh. Something about the deadpan way he reads it makes it strangely hilarious. Stick around after Kendall’s story for some non-Scribendi-but-still-funny poetry.

Lori Lee and “River Touch Stones: San Juan River, Southeastern Utah.” Her prose deals with “the solitary aspect of growing up,” loneliness, deserts, heat, connection, and throwing up. If these aren’t your favorite things to read about, they should be. It’s like dreaming to hear Lori read, hallucinating reality. Just lovely stuff.

Tune in soon for more fantastic Scribendi readers!

-Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Helicon blogger


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