Come Hear the Scribendi Winners!

If you are reading this, there is no turning back. You have already seen too much. All I can do is advise you on how to proceed. Your best chance of hearing the winners of the USU creative writing contest is to attend Helicon West tomorrow night; April 23 at precisely 7 pm. Be advised. The reading will not occur in its usual location. Instead, it will be held in the Merrill Cazier Library, room 101 (just inside the entryway).

If you make it, you will be rewarded for your efforts with the best art and writing entries the university has to offer. The student works have been chosen only after completing a rigorous regimen of revision and the endurance of the infamous Judgment. There will be books for sale. There will be many other interested parties you must compete with for chair space. There will be glory and honor! If you fail to complete this quest, you will be haunted by the ghost of Mark Twain, Shakespeare, and May Swenson. I apologize if you were not aware of the curse of the ancients. I impart this knowledge only for your protection.

Be brave, those of you who seek the exaltation of Helicon West. Go forth with courage.



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