Poetry at Three (but really at seven)

Aloha Heliconers!

I’ve got a thing for us to be excited about. Helicon West is coming up! If you go at Thursday, April 9th at 7:00 PM to the Bridger Room, Logan City Library, 255 N. Main you shall hear Poetry at Three (At seven o’ clock, mind you. Don’t show up four hours early because the title has numbers in it), including poets Shanan Ballam, Jesse Betts, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Ben Gunsberg, Robb Kunz, and Phil Parisi. This is going to be their fourteenth annual reading, and that number is bigger than ten. This means they are prestigious.

We may also hear from you, if you are so inclined to brighten or complicate our lives with your own creations. I’m so excited to see you all there that I’m going to force my roommates to let me borrow their car.

–Jessica (your new friendly neighborhood Helicon Blogger)

Poetry at Three flier2015


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