Want to be published? Read at Helicon and you might be featured on a broadside!

Hey there Heliconers,

With a new semester comes new material (at least, we hope!), and with that comes new broadsides! Our broadsides are impeccably designed and feature both the writing and artwork of our very own Helicon West community. Check out the most recent one right here on the blog:

Jan22Helicon <–click the link! We’re having technical difficulties with images not showing at the moment, but the Helicon blog fairies are working on it!

Thoroughly impressed? If you’d like your very own copy on fancy paper and everything, hunt down a Helicon West volunteer at our events, or contact Star at starcoulbrooke@usu.edu. Or, maybe you want to be featured on a broadside. If that’s the case, we need to hear your work. So come to Helicon, sign up for the open mic, read the best stuff you’ve got, and it might be your name up there in fancy typeface. 🙂 Broadside publication can be a line on a resume, CV, or just something to brag about at dinner parties. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Until next time, Heliconers. Keep an eye out for the Spring schedle, as well as a recap of January 22nd’s events.



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