September 25th, 2014: Johnny Worthen

Hi there Heliconers,

Worthen Flyer

Make sure you plan on coming to the next Helicon West, this Thursday, September 25th, to hear from Johnny Worthen, a well-known Utah author. You might have seen him on the convention circuit, or just around his hometown of Sandy, UT, but even if you’ve never seen him before, you probably want to. Check out his bio!

Johnny Worthen grew up in the high desert snows and warm summer winds of the Wasatch Mountains. He graduated with a B.A. in English, minor in Classics and a Master’s in American Studies from the University of Utah. After a series of businesses and adventures, including years abroad and running his own bakery, Johnny found himself drawn to the only thing he ever wanted to do—write. And write he does. Well versed in modern literary criticism and cultural studies, Johnny writes upmarket multi-genre fiction – thriller, horror, young adult, comedy and mystery so far. “I write what I like to read,” he says. “That guarantees me at least one fan and a hectic job for my publicist.”

Johnny has written many books and sold a bunch of them. His new young adult/paranormal trilogy The Unseen has just been begun with the release of Eleanor. His debut occult thriller, Beatrysel is available now along with its companion novelette Dr. Stuart’s Heart. Johnny’s short story, “The Point” appears in the dark fiction anthology Little Visible Delight. In 2015 Johnny will unleash an unlikely slacker detective upon the world named Tony Flaner in a new series beginning with The Finger Trap.

Johnny is a common sight at conventions and writing conferences including Comic Con, Wordharvest, and the League of Utah Writers. Traditionally published, Johnny is a blue-collar hard working “hands on” author with the scars to prove it. He thrives in crowds and gives good meeting.Johnny is a member or the Horror Writer’s Association and the new Utah Fantasy Authors. He’s a Freemason too, if you’re wondering.

When not pounding on his keyboard, attending conferences, Johnny Worthen can be found with his wife and two boys in Sandy, Utah wearing extraordinarily colorful shirts.

Check him out at for more details.

As always, after the reading there will be an open mic. Everyone is invited to come and share up to 7 minutes worth of work with the Helicon crowd. Whether it’s your first novel, latest poem, or something in between, come share it! Make sure you arrive early to sign up, as space is limited.

So, Johnny Worthen. September 25th, 7 PM, Logan library. See you there!



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