Scribendi Winners Visit

During this past year, I’ve been involved in several organizations within USU’s English Department.  Many of these groups are headed by professors who already have classes and research piled on them.  I don’t know how they get everything done, but wonderful  things happen because of their effort.

One of these programs closest to me is the Scribendi creative writing contest.  Danielle Probst and I both worked as interns under Charles Waugh to put together the contest and publication.  I think I yelled at the Macs in the Writing Lab a few too many times while working on this, but everything came together.

Helicon West had the opportunity to welcome out the winners of Scribendi as guest readers.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Helicon West buzzing that much.  The True Aggie Cafe was packed full of people, and Professor Waugh almost hopped up and down the whole night.  We had poetry, stories, and music for almost two hours.

This event truly represented the kind of excitement I feel from creative writing.  I only expect the creative writing campus to grow from here.


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