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Welcome to Helicon West Online

The new season of Helicon West gets rolling this Thursday January 14th, 7:00pm at True Aggie Café. Check this website often for news about upcoming features, video clips from past Helicon West open mics, and online versions of the famous Helicon West broadsides.

Some of our upcoming features include:

 Anne Stark’s Fiction Writing Class on Jan 14th

 Shanan Ballam on Feb 11th

 Chris Cokinos on Mar 25th

 Poetry at Three on April 8th

 and the Scribendi winners on April 22nd

 We’re looking forward to another great season of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

 See you at True Aggie Café.


One thought on “Helicon West Online

  1. New blog calls for an old poem, one I read in the early days of Helicon West, when we were just getting started at Citrus and Sage, and the audiences weren’t so huge yet and some of us were shy:

    Empty-Handed at the Open Mic

    I could have read a poem, the one
    I forgot about, not bringing my journal
    to the cafe’ for the new season,
    most of us saying “I’ve got nothing,”
    all of us thinking “I’ll just listen
    this time,” except for a few of us
    who brought something “just in case.”

    Thought I had nothing, forgetting
    the struggle in my journal,
    my hand clenched around the windpipe
    of a thin, parched muse, the way
    she wheezed out a few words
    and left in a huff, already
    having been gone all summer,
    taking that vacation I didn’t get.

    Here I am only days after
    her latest desertion, so traumatized
    that I forgot I had anything at all,
    a few days without words
    like a hundred-year drought.
    You know what I mean. I forgive you.
    Let’s read something next time.

    Hope you join us tomorrow for the first event of 2010.


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